She has successfully extended her Vocal range!

used to not be able to sing many songs completely as she wasn't able to hit the higher notes. After being with us for just a couple of months, she is now more confident hitting higher notes and also learnt how she can do it more easily without sounding strained.

Now, she is able to sing many more songs from start till end! 
We did a short interview with her and this is what she has to share...

1. What has been your most prominent musical breakthrough?
I used to not be able to sing many songs completely, and I’ll not be able to hit the higher notes. I’ve started to be more confident about hitting the higher notes and also have learnt how I can do it more easily, without sounding strained. That has helped me to sing many more songs from start till end!

2. Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?
Yes, they have commented that I sing more confidently, and can access the higher notes more easily now. I now project my voice with more focus, when I used to be much more passive about using it. I feel very happy and satisfied that my efforts have paid off. I can give myself a pat on my back. :)

3. Why did you choose Hark Music?

My friend first recommended me to Hark Music. I tried out four lessons and I felt like my singing has started to improve a little bit. It was really fast. The curriculum is very structured, and in addition to that, we had a fantastic vocal coach. She is very sharp, insightful and explains very clearly such that it is easy to learn.

4. How have you benefited in other ways too?

I feel more relaxed and comfortable with myself when I sing and when I have to perform in front of others. On a personal level, I also feel more at ease in social situations and maybe it has helped me to become more expressive and outspoken.

5. Has anyone criticized your choice in learning music as an impractical decision? If so, what would you like to tell them?

Yes, many times. 

I guess everyone is different, and looks at their priorities in life differently. I think there is a need for balance in life. You can’t just focus on work and earning the bread and butter alone. After a while, you lose touch with the sensory, feeling and intuitive part of yourself. Listening to music, creating, playing, singing, or even doing any art form helps you explore this other side of yourself. I think everyone has this gift, and it should be used.

6. What would you like to share with those who have not started learning music?

I think most of us have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, sing better etc. But there were just too many things to do, and too little time.

"If not now, then when are you going to do it?"

If you want to be able to play beautiful music, as a personal achievement or for the enjoyment of friends and family, this is the time to start. Life is short! It is time to make time to enjoy and explore as much of your “hidden talents” as possible.

Special Notes:
She has attended Hark Music's singing lessons and in just few months, she experienced a significant improvement!