Some Photos

Share some pictures with you guys on our last week's Hark Student Singing Competition Preliminary Round 2...

Some Stylo-Milo Pics.....but kinda of 黑帮 feel to me....(Ya, think so?)
Haha....But interesting!

Just feel like uploading this picture 'cause this girl really catches my attention!
Hey, she got the X-factor look!

Students who have so far succesfully progressed to the Quarter Finals:
1. Ke Zhen Zhou
2. Tham Shuet Mei
3. Daisy Zhang
4. Priscilla Heng
5. Carissa Boo
6. Jiang Junxuan
7. Teo Lee Loo Ruth
8. Yap Beng Yong Aaron
9. Lew Jing Feng
10. Michello Ho
11. Ong Su Kit
12. Fanny Ho (the girl with the X-factor!)
Coming Friday is the 3rd Preliminary Rounds...Good Luck, guys!

p/s: we actually had filmed some of the shows' short clips informally using digital cam....I wanted to upload the results clips...but realised the clips too long...Youtube don't allow....must be less than 10 mins...and 100 MB...So, I gonna do some editing.., I lazy loh...didn't want to do it now...Thus, didn't upload... Oops!!! Will do it next few days. Hahaa.... :)