Happy Lunar New Year and Happy V-DAY!!!

Hey everyone!!!

After a week-long break for everyone at Hark Music for the Lunar New Year celebrations, we are back with a new-found energy!!!

Here, we have uploaded some new stuffs for everyone too!
Ten new songs in our Library, Lyrics and Chords Section.... Go Get Them!

如果你也听说 - 张惠妹
我不配 - 周杰伦
好朋友 - 罗志祥
都是你 - 光良
说你爱我 - SHE
Eyes On Me - 王菲
落叶归根 - 王力宏
Apologise - One Republic
Bad Day - Daniel Powter
咖啡 - 张学友

Oh ya, it's the V-Day today too! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

;) Till our next post.....Take care~!!!