Stage-Performing Workshop on 20 April

A rare 3-hr Workshop
held last Sunday specially for Hark Students!

The main presenters were Mr. Amos Teo & Mr. Patrick Goh. We were privileged to be able to rope in our Vocal Instructors, Alex Tan and Valen Tan to perform and share their experiences with those present.

We share performing tips to our students; topics covered such as:

- Stage Showmanship (for Vocalists and Instrumentalists)
- Vocal Expressions (for Vocalists)
- Playing Expressions (for Instrumentalists)
- Performing as a band
- Creative Hosting
- The “Dos & Don’ts” on stage
- Preparation before a performance
- Expectations of the audience

It was a truly inspiring sessions for all the students.

There were performances by our instructors - Amos on Guitar/Patrick on Keyboard.
Alex sang 新不了情 in HipHop / Rap version! It was totally a refreshing twist. Amazing.
Valen sang 梦醒时分 in Swing version and an acoustic version of 菊花台.

As part of the 'lecturing', some students from Hark Performing Team was invited on stage to perform their pieces, where the instructors gave direct feedback, comments and demonstration.

Here are some photos taken. ENJOY!!!

Awaiting for the start of workshop. It was packed!

The workshop's opening was done by Amos. Everyone was listening earnestly.

All smiles... ('Cheese!')

The Main Presenter or 'Lecturer' - Amos Teo

Patrick Goh - Another Presenter

Sharing pointers with Hark Students.

Alex performed! 新不了情 Hiphop / Rap!

Refreshing twist to the song! Everyone enjoyed it!

A student-Leonard posed a question...

Our instructors answered! Cleared the student's doubts.

Alex explained, shared his experiences.

An enriching session...

Suteck & Jinghui performed.

Amos, giving his feedback.

Junde & Eugene, preparing for their performance.

Both guys, giving their all to impress our instructors.

Patrick and Amos, listening & evaluating...

One of the audience, Xuewei- giving her feedback on their performance.

Amos explained...

Amos demonstrated...

Students absorbed!

Xiaorong & Sheryl's performance.

Patrick, giving his view...

Patrick demonstrated...

Patrick explained...Sheryl absorbed!

Jack, Marvin & Liling's performance.

Listening to instructor's comments.

Valen's performance - 梦醒时分, 菊花台
A great finale to the workshop...