This week's OpenStage - 20 June

Hey friends!

Our new HPT3 members are making some appearances tomorrow - 20 June!

A new member, An Li (pianist) will be joining our 'veterans from HPT1', Xiaorong, Eugene and Weiqi, creating a new chemistry!!!
They will be performing 我可以, 爱很简单, 下雨天...... Interesting!!!!


a group, all formed by HPT3 members.

Bufeng (guitarist)
Jean (pianist)
Sherlyn (vocalist)

They will be performing......UMBRELLA by Rihanna!!!

Wowow.... We are looking forward to see all these new sparks!

So friends, come on down to Hark tomorrow at 3pm to enjoy all these performances and have a great inspiring Saturday afternoon with music!

See you! :)