Our very 1st Inaugural Accelerated Guitar Mastery Programme!

In a few days time, our very 1st Inaugural Accelerated Guitar Mastery 3-days Programme is going to commence!

The over-whelming response at the 2-Hr Workshop was very encouraging.
  • We had people who just came forward at the end of the inspiring, enlightening 2-hr workshop to specially to thank and hand-shake, acknowledging our Master Trainers for their great job done!

  • We had emails coming in the following day, just to appreciate the contents we have prepared, sharing with us, how much they have gained in just a few hours!

It is heartwarming to know that we've managed to share as much as we can, to music enthusiasts like you out there!

In this coming 3-day programme, we are very certain that we will create a huge transformation to the participants.
We are eagerly looking forward!

Here are some photos captures during the 2-Hr workshops!


People streaming into Hark Music...

Full-house! Waiting, waiting...

Our Master Trainer-Amos Teo, demonstrating & inspiring!

Sharing his many years of performing experience and his music learning insights.

Audience was totally 100% focused.

Smiles on faces! "I've learnt."

Amos, together with another Master Trainer - Jensen Siaw.

Yes, they were clapping, but were actually doing rhythm exercises.

Tapping away...Exercises to improve rhythm sense.

Jensen, sharing his personal empowerment techniques to all - in order to achieve rapid improvement in guitar learning!

"Gained much insights and knowledge!"