An unforgettable 3 weeks journey.


Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of guitar enthusiasts to attain a jump-start in guitar playing in just a mere 3 weeks...

We have seen many guitar learners who can't even play a proper song in months, even years...

In this signature programme of ours, we propelled these learners by going through a proven step-by-step system where they stand on stage, sing and play their chosen song in front of a full-house audience in just 3 weeks.

You will wonder, how is it done?

Now, here's a little coverage of what's behind the scenes following one of the recent batch, completed in Sep 2013.

The programme is structured as such:

2 full days, followed by
2 small-group coaching sessions and finished with a
Completion Day with a 2-hr concert to celebrate!

During the 2 full days of the programme....
Students are enlightened on the key guitar concepts to see the big picture.

Packed with effective practical conditioning, we've even witnessed students with total zero background gained the ability to play a 4-chords progression steadily, just after Day 1!

Listening attentively!

Fun guitar playing right away!

Interactive Activities that never bore.

Stretching Exercises for Finger Flexibility!

Prizes during our Quiz time!

Getting personal attention for individual corrections.

Videos documenting their progress... Taken during Day 1 and 2!

Bryan & Chriz - They are both total beginners in guitar...
Watch the video at the end of this blog for their awesome performance 
during the breakthrough concert.

During the small group coaching sessions.... 
After the 2 full days of practical and theory understanding, they have gained the ability to apply the new-found concepts to their chosen song.

Our coaches will work
with them to polish and refine details during the small-group coaching.

Completion Day and Breakthrough Concert....

3 weeks from Day 1, they were ready to show their families and friends their new found skills!

It was a full house event!

 Robin dressing as a country rock-star and performing "You & Me"!

Joy performing "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri

Augustine performing "爱我别走" by 张震岳.

Lanie performing "Daylight" by Maroon 5.

Annie performing her own composition "When it's just me".

Chriz performing a song "找自己(finding oneself)".
She dedicated it to all of the graduates as
before the commencement of the programme they were all "lost" and unable to play the guitar, but now able to perform both singing and playing!

 Kaiwen performing his very own melodic plucking rendition of "記得"!

Zi Xuan performing "Someone" by IU!

Branka performing together with Coach David a rock song "It's my life"!

Bryan who had very little prior experience playing the guitar was able to perform "Use Somebody" together with drums and keyboards, just as a band!

Ann performing "Stay" by Rihanna.

Maulina performing "Distance" by Christina Perri.

Jess performing "Someone like you" by Adele.

For the finale performance, Master Trainer - Amos Teo,
with coaches David & James performed a medley of songs! 

Watch this montage video on the happenings
during Breakthrough Concert!

Congratulations to all of our 11th Batch of Guitar ExpressWay™ graduates, on their determination and positive mindset! Cheers!

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