A different person... More confident, more positive!

He wanted to learn how to play the piano in the pop way - not needing to rely on scores, playing more from senses and able to accompany his singing, just like Jay Chou, JJ-Lin!

Having classical music background could not help him achieve his intended goals, therefore he needed to get some answers...

Mervin joined Hark Music and in months, he acquired the ability to play and sing.

And... he had a pleasant surprise too!
Embarking this journey has also helped him in becoming a more positive and outgoing person, which he had never expected it.


Here's what he has to share about his learning journey so far...

1) What has been your prominent musical breakthrough so far?
Acquiring the ability to sing as I play the piano must be my most prominent musical breakthrough so far! It has always been my dream to play and sing, but I never knew exactly how to play the piano as an accompaniment to my singing, even though i had some classical background in the piano.

Hark Music has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to do so and that has made me realize my dream after so many years!

2) Why did you choose to learn at Hark Music?
Well, it has one of the longest histories (of 14 years) compared to all the other pop schools, and I have read really positive reviews on the school. Given that it is also one of the more popular pop schools in Singapore, I decided to join and give it a try.

3) When did you start learning?
I started learning pop piano at Hark Music for just about 5 months.

In this short while, I was able to learn so much about the various pop playing techniques and styles. I still have another 6 months to go before I finish the course, and I can't wait to learn even much more in the upcoming lessons and improve further.

4) What do you enjoy most being part of the Hark Music family?
At Hark Music, the coaches are not only skillful and talented; they are really friendly, approachable and helpful! They'll always be ready to answer all queries and  go the extra mile to help us improve. With coaches like that, it is no wonder that i really look forward to each lesson!

5) Who in Hark Music has inspired you the most?
Amos inspires me the most. His musical background is extraordinary - he is so skilled at both the guitar and keyboard it was shocking to hear that he learnt both instruments all by himself. To add on, he can also sing, play drums, write and produce songs. 

Under his leadership, Hark Music has also seen so much success since he set it up in 1999. I admire not only his musical talent, but more importantly his courage, determination and motivation that brought him to where he is today.

6) How have you benefited since learning at Hark Music?
Learning at Hark Music has helped me improve on my piano skills, as well as my overall musical abilities. I have also been able to build up my self-confidence through the performing opportunities that Hark Music offers, and this has made me more a more positive and outgoing person.

7) What would you like to share with those who have not started learning music?
If you love music, don't be afraid to try. It may be hard at first, but eventually you will improve and feel the sense of satisfaction and joy that music brings to people.

8) Who is your favorite artiste and why?
Whitney Houston. When I first heard her sing, I was astounded - how could someone have such a magical and flawless voice? That voice, and her songs, made me fall in love with music, and inspired me to pursue music as a hobby.

9) Has anyone criticized your choice in learning music as an impractical decision? If so, what would you like to tell them?
Thankfully for me, no one has done so thus far, To anyone who would say that, I would just like
to say that learning music builds character, boosts confidence and helps you achieve a sense of personal satisfaction and joy. It helps you to relax and DE-stress as well, so you don't lose yourself in today's fast-paced society. Given the endless benefits in learning music, why would it be impractical?

10) Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?
Some of them were impressed to see that I was able to play and sing at the same time. I felt really humbled, satisfied and proud of myself to be able to achieve something that I had always been dreaming to.