Singapore Night Festival 2013 - Event Captures

Don't worry if you have missed out on our performance at the Singapore Night Festival 2013! Here are some exciting event captures of the 2-night performances on the 23rd & 24th August 2013 at Plaza Singapura!

Hark Music's Music Director, Amos Teo and Coach Xin Yun kick-starting the evening's performance with "Just give me a reason"!
Coach Wilson Kwa showing his amazing vocal abilities when he performed "One Night In Beijing" and also bringing back nostalgic memories to the audience when he performed and a 70's medley with Amos.

Coach David Chong captivating the audience with his very own soulful rendition of "我的歌声里"!

Coach Leonard Tang presenting to the audience 2 of his favorite love songs "Angels" & "When I was your man"!

Coach Relyne Ban showing her stage presence when she rocked the audience out with "Mercy" and "Price Tag"!

Coach Shaun Chen, our charming keyboardist who played most of both evening's music!

We also invited special guest performer, Fairus Adam to perform his very own single "Keep Running"! He also showcased his vocal abilities when he performed his very own rendition of "Titanium"!

Amos hyping up the mood of our audience even further when he performing heart-pumping rhythmic beats on the Djembe!

Our student performers from the Hark Performing Team also had the chance to perform on stage! For some, it was a their debut performance on such a stage but despite the nervousness, their performance managed to get wondering reception from our supportive audience!

Kaegen Seow & Joy Yang performing a duet titled "Mirrors"!

 Stacey Goh, Wong Jia Liang & Jiunn Jye performing a lighthearted song "小手拉大手"

 Mervin Thio crooning to the audience with "Talking to the moon" and "愛, 很簡單"

Check out this video for some video footages of the evening's performances!

And most importantly, not forgetting our very supportive audience who stayed with us throughout our performances as well as Nigel Tang who took amazing photos of all of us on both evenings! 

We hope to see you at our next performance! 

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